About us

We are passionate about creating innovative technology that deepens the connection between people and the things they care about most— their homes, families, and businesses.

All of us enjoy the benefits of modern technology, even if we’re not sure how it all works. The internet, car engines, cell phones: none of it makes complete sense, but we’ve taken hold of this technology and can no longer live without it. The same can be said about our houses. Whether it is microwaves or washing machines, the latest inventions and equipment make our everyday lives easier. But now, with innovative computer software and technological know-how, house designers have taken simple conveniences into new frontiers, creating a fresh model for the future: the smart home.

Everyone’s needs are different, build out your Smart Home at your pace. Start small and add on as you go.

What we do?

We re-imagine the work and living spaces of the 21st century. We provide visitors with solutions that:

  • Help improve operational efficiency and productivity
  • Create innovative audio-visual communication environments
  • Simplify the operation of an increasingly complex ecosystem of devices and technologies
  • Design larger-than-life, immersive digital entertainment experiences
  • Achieve greater energy efficiency