What is a Smart Home?

smart home

Today we live in the Tech Era. Now the Question is arises What is a Smart Home? If you or a loved one struggle with daily home living due to a disability, this article will offer inspiration and actionable advice for opportunities to make your home life more comfortable and convenient through use of the latest smart home technology.

The term smart home covers a wide range of home-based technology that is integrated into devices using an Internet connection. From the home dweller’s perspective, a smart home provides comfort, security, safety, accessibility, energy efficiency, and convenience through the use of appliances, lighting, electronic equipment, heating and cooling systems, entertainment systems, and home security solutions. In a smart home, all such devices can be controlled remotely by any desktop computer or mobile device with Internet access, or preset using a pre-defined preferential schedule.

What is a Smart Home, and How Does It Work?

It’s just a regular house, except every piece of electrical equipment is hooked up to a computer system. With home automation, you’ll no longer be depending on switches or other forms of manual activation. Instead, every light bulb, every TV, and even the thermostat are controlled remotely from a computer database.

Looking to make your home just a little smarter? While still in its infancy, the number of smart home products—devices that let you control your lighting, thermostat, or even your crock pot from your smartphone—is rapidly growing. From GE to Belkin to Home Depot, tons of products and whole ecosystems want to help you control your home via a single iOS or Android app. You can pick and choose your favorite gadgets to assemble an affordable intelligent abode on your own terms, or opt for an entire smart home system that does all the work for you. Here are some of our favorite smart home systems and individual gadgets.

What are Smart Tools?

Smart home tools are specialized equipment programmed to run from a central system. Any domestic device can be a smart appliance, and though they’re not cheap, many times they can be leased instead of bought in order to cut down on the price. Plus, they are sometimes hooked up to the manufacturer as well, so when the oven goes on the fritz you can get an immediate notice of the problem and estimate of the repair. The real beauty is that you gain more control but giving up control. In other words, this technology is convenient because smart homes think for themselves.

What Can Smart Home devices Do?

They can sense an electrical surge and can shut off their own power. They can sense a water failure and turn off the mains. They know when they need defrosting, they know how long to cook your meals (some microwaves can read scan-bars on food items and set their own timers), and some can even keep track of expiration dates or can create recipes based on the ingredients in the cupboard. Your house will know when it’s raining and close the windows for you, even while you’re away. But the fascinating aspect of smart homes is that the possibilities are completely limitless because you can now actually communicate with your house.


smart home

A ton of new smart home devices are coming out this year, and include new connected appliances, cameras, lightbulbs— even robots and trashcans. One common thread, though, is that many of these new devices will be compatible with Amazon Alexa, further integrating this voice assistant into your home. Plus, Amazon itself is launching several new Alexa-enabled devices, including the Echo Showand the Fire TV Edition, so you can get Alexa in even more places.

Last Words:

Smart appliances will know when to turn on and off, how much energy is required of them, and how to maintain themselves. This is not only a handy time saver; it is also energy efficient, which is friendly to both the environment and your utility bills.

Full home automation is not high on the average house hunter’s priority list. That may be about to change. The trouble so far has been the technology itself: Consumers aren’t sure how to integrate it into existing home systems. Plain and simple, they don’t know how to use it.

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